Belligerent manifesto

I look at you and the responding gaze is vacant
Sit doggy, sit, while I piss, fetch and return
On Monday I will do the same
Go see Daddy
Daddy needs to shave, Daddy needs to tie his tie tighter
Everyday Daddy listens and Daddy does
Daddy watches and Daddy follows the orders
From the man who sits behind the curtain
And pulls pulls pulls
On those strings strings strings
Like so many ties in noose knots around our necks

I run through the street a hell’s angel prodigal son
Welcomed back to the church of the divinity each morning
With open arms
And open legs and open doors
Open opinions but closed minds
Behind closed doors where loans are drawn up
Written out and wiped across the mouths of the ones
That ate well tonight
And defecate on the ones that will starve tomorrow

War is not hell
The false profit of everyday existence
The everyday is hell
Deprive those in the shadowed lands and offer them a curtained glimpse into our world
Drag them here if they are lucky
But blame them if it all goes wrong
It’s not how we like it
There are too many of you, and we are afraid
We hug at the prison like a womb and raise a wail when the tube is taken away

Life given
Life taken
Nothing shared


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